Best Vibrator Brand

Branding is a marketing process that is essential to your products success. People recognize color, shapes, logos and even certain sounds get affiliated to a certain product. Branding products like vibrators is a difficult task. You need to look for what people recognize in color and style. So for example rabbit vibrator branding is typically pink so it is quickly seen by woman and recognized. If you think of Harley Davidson and the logo you know that it is orange and you affiliate the color with the motor bike. What about shape of logos like the Nike swoosh. You don't even need to add the name of the company, just add the logo and it will be recognized as Nike.

Rabbit vibrator made their success with their products and brands as the best brand vibrator. The really started the multi-functional vibrator and the rabbit ears controlling that love button stimulation. The rabbit vibrator has multiple product vibrators and I believe this gives the brand the edge. With the branding and packaging been of top quality and the product as successful as rabbit vibrator is. This makes this the best brand vibrator in the sex toy product lines.

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